Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ad-Dahhaak bin Yarboo’


الضحاك بن يربوع

Ad-Dahhaak bin Yarboo’

Tabaqah: 6 - From the contemporaries of Minor Taabi'een

Teachers: His Father Yarboo (Majhool).

Students: Sayf bin Umar at-Tameemi

Status: Da’eef

Opinions of Ahl ul-Jarh wat Ta’deel:

Those who criticized him:

1-    Abu al-Fath al-Azdi said:

حديثه ليس بالقائم
“His hadeth is not established”
[ Meezaan (2/327) and Lisaan (4/338)]

Note: Dhahabi and Ibn Hajar narrated this saying and did not disagree with it.

Those who praised him:



Ad-Dahhaak bin Yarboo’ is Majhool or Da’eef

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