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Imaam Muslim bin al-Hajjaaj al-Neesaaboori - rahimahullah


مسلم بن الحجاج بن مسلم القشيرى ، أبو الحسين النيسابورى الحافظ ( صاحب " الصحيح " )

Muslim bin al-Hajjaaj bin Muslim bin Qushayri, Abu al-Husayn al-Haafidh (The Author of Al-Saheeh)

Birth: 204 H


Death: 261 H

Narrated by: Tirmidhi

Teachers: Imaam Ahmed bin Hanbal, Ishaaq bin Rahwayh, Abu Khaythamah Zuhayr bin Harb, Abdullah bin Abdur Rahmaan ad-Daari, Abdullah bin Maslamah bin Qa’nab al-Qa’nabi, Ali bin al-Ja’d, Amr bin Ali al-Fallaas, Qutaybah bin Sa’eed, Yahya bin Ma’een, Yahya bin Yahya al-Neesaaboori, Abu Bakr bin Abi Shaybah, Abu Zur’ah ar-Raazi and others.

Students: Imaam Tirmidhi, Ibraaheem bin Muhammad bin Sufyaan al-Faqeeh, Saalih bin Muhammad al-Baghdaadi, Abdur Rahmaan bin Abi Haatim ar-Raazi, Muhammad bin Ishaaq bin Khuzaymah, Muhammad bin Ishaaq ath-Thaqafi al-Siraaj, Abu Awaanah al-Asfaraaini and others

Status: Thiqah Imaam Haafidh Faqeeh

Opinions of Ahl ul-Jarh wat Ta’deel:

1-    Abu Muhammad Abdur Rahmaan bin Abi Haatim ar-Raazi said: “He is Thiqah Haafidh, he had understanding of the hadeeth, I asked my Father about him so he said, he is Sadooq”
[Kitaab al-Jarh wat Ta’deel: 8/182, 183; Taareekh Dimashq by Ibn Asaakir: 61/66, Chain Hasan]

2-    Abu Ahmed Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab al-Faraa’ said about Imaam Muslim that: “He was among the Scholars of People, and the preservers of knowledge, I only know good about him, he was pious; May Allaah have mercy upon him and us”
[Taareekh Dimashq: 61/67, Chain Strong]

3-    Imaam Ahmed bin Salamah bin Abdullah al-Neesaaboori said: “I saw that Abu Zur’ah and Abu Haatim both used to give preference to Muslim bin al-Hajjaaj in the Ma’rifah of Hadeeth over the other teachers of their era.”
[Taareekh Dimashq: 61/67, Chain Saheeh]

4-    Imaam Ishaaq bin Rahwayh looked at Imaam Muslim and said: “A Complete Man”
[Taareekh Dimashq: 61/67, Chain Hasan]

5-    Khateeb al-Baghdaadi said: “He was one of the Imaams of the preservers of Hadeeth…”
[Taareekh Baghdaad: 13/100]

6-    Imaam Abu Ali al-Neesaaboori said: “There is no book more authentic under the canopy of sky than the book of Muslim (according to me)”
[Taareekh al-Islaam by Dhahabi: 25/41, Chain Saheeh]

7-    Haafidh Ibn Asaakir said: “He was an Imaam of High rank, and a distinguished author”
[Taareekh Dimashq: 61/64]

8-    Haafidh Ibn al-Jawzee said: “He was one of the Major Scholars and preservers of Hadeeth”
[Al-Muntazim: 12/171]

9-    Haafidh Dhahabi said: “He is a Major Imaam al-Haafidh al-Mujawwid al-Hujjah al-Saadiq”
[Siyar A’laam al-Nabula: 12/557]

10-          Haafidh Ibn Hajar al-Asqalaani said: “He is Thiqah, Haafidh Imaam, Author, Aalim of Fiqh”
[Taqreeb at-Tahdheeb: 6623]

Note: There is a unanimous consensus over the Imaamate and Adaalah of Imaam Muslim.


Saheeh Muslim
Kitaab al-Kunaa
Kitaab al-Munfaridaat

These books are published and a part of Kitaab al-Tamiyeez is also published. Besides these, Imaam Muslim also has many other books.


Ahmed bin Salamah al-Neesaaboori narrated that a gathering was organized for Imaam Muslim bin al-Hajjaaj then a hadeeth was presented to him, which he did not know, so he went back to his home and lit up the lamp. He told his households not to disturb him in his room; he was told that we just received a gift of dates. He said, bring it to me, so the dates were brought to him; then he started searching for the hadeeth and kept eating the dates one by one. When the dawn broke, the dates had finished and he found the hadeeth
[Taareekh Baghdaad: 13/103; Taareekh Dimashq: 61/70, 71; Al-Muntazim by Ibn al-Jawzee: 12/172]

Its chain contains the narrator “Muhammad bin Ali bin Ahmed al-Maqri al-Mu’addal” who is Majhool. And if he is meant to be “Qaadhi Abu al-Alaa al-Waasiti” then he is Da’eef, see: Monthly al-Hadeeth (# 7 P. 16)

Therefore, this chain is Da’eef

Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Haakim al-Neesaaboori has also narrated it with the same chain that: A Thiqah person from our companions narrated to us that Muslim died because of eating these dates.
[Taareekh Baghdaad: 13/103; Taareekh Dimashq: 61/71; Al-Muntazim: 12/172]

The chain of this narration is Da’eef due to two reasons:

First: The ta’ayyun and Tawtheeq of Muhammad bin Ali al-Maqri is not known

Second: The Thiqah (?) person narrating from Haakim is unknown.

Therefore, this narration is not proven

Note: Imaam Muslim was an Aalim of Fiqh as explained by Ibn Hajar in al-Taqreeb [6623] and it is not proven from any authentic proof that he was a Muqallid. Haafidh Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“Bukhaari and Abu Dawood were Imaams and Mujtahid (Mutlaq) of Fiqh. As for Imaam Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasaa’ee, Ibn Maajah, Ibn Khuzaymah, Abu Ya’la, al-Bazzaar and others then they were on the Madhab of Ahl ul-Hadeeth, they did not do Taqleed of any particular Scholar, nor were they Mujtahid Mutlaq”
[Majmoo Fataawa: 20/40]

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