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Abdur Rahmaan bin Mas’ood al-Yashkuri


عبد الرحمن بن مسعود اليَشْكُري
Abdur Rahmaan bin Mas’ood al-Yashkuri

Tabaqah: 3 – From the Middle Level of Taabi’een

Teachers: Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri, Abu Hurayrah (radiallah anhum)

Students: Ja’far bin Abi Wahshiyyah

Status: Maqbool (i.e. If supported then accepted, otherwise remains weak)

Opinions of Ahl ul-Jarh wat Ta’deel:

1-    Imaam Ibn Hibbaan mentioned him in Kitaab ath-Thiqaat

However, Imaam Ibn Hibbaan is known for his Tasaahul in authenticating Majhool narrators. So his saying is not hujjah here.

2-    Imaam Abu Abdullah al-Haakim al-Neesaaboori authenticated his hadeeth saying: “Its chain is Saheeh”
[Al-Mustadrak al-Haakim: H. 4777]

The hadeeth he said this under is most likely due to its supporting narrations. Moreover, even Haakim is Mutasaahil in his Mustadrak, in fact, even more lenient than Ibn Hibbaan. 

3-    Haafidh Noor ud-Deen al-Haythami said: “He is Thiqah”
[Majma az-Zawaaid: 5/240]

Note: Haythami is a Muta'khkhir and is not a Naaqid so his opinion does not even count. In fact, he mostly relies only on the Tawtheeq of Ibn Hibbaan and is Mutasaahil himself. So it is not accepted from him.


Abdur Rahmaan bin Mas’ood al-Yashkari is Maqbool meaning, his narration will be accepted if he is supported by others and not otherwise.

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