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Hafs bin Salm Abu Muqaatil as-Samarqandi

Abu Hafs as-Samarqandi

Full Name: 

Abu Muqaatil Hafs bin Salm as-Samarqandi al-Fazaari al-Khurasaani

Tabaqah: 8 - From the Middle level of Taba Taabi'een

Narrated from him: Tirmidhi

Place of Stay: Samarqand.

Status: Da’eef Accused of Lying.

Jarh wat Ta’deel:

1-    Saalih bin Abdullah bin Zakwaan at-Tirmidhi Al-Baahili (Thiqah) (rahimahullah) said: “We were with Abu Muqaatil as-Samarqandi, he started narrating long ahadeeth such as the hadeeth of the will of Luqmaan, and the Murder of Sa’eed bin Jubayr etc from Awn bin Abi Shaddaad. So his nephew said to him ‘Oh Uncle! Do not say that Awn has narrated these ahadeeth to us, because you did not hear anything from him’, so he said: ‘Oh Son! This is good speech’”
[Al-Illal al-Sagheer by Tirmidhi Pg 892, Chain Saheeh, Sharh Illal ibn Rajab: Vol. 1 Pg 78-79]

From this true incidence, we come to know that Abu Muqaatil as-Samarqandi was a Liar.

2-    Abu Mu’aawiyah Muhammad bin Haazim ad-Dareer said regarding a hadeeth narrated by Abu Muqaatil that: “I do not say that your companion is a Liar, but this hadeeth is a Lie”
[Al-Illal al-Sagheer: Pg 892, Chain Saheeh, Sharh Illal Ibn Rajab: Vol. 1 Pg 79]

This proves that Abu Muqaatil was not a Liar according to Abu Mu’aawiyah, but used to narrate fabricated ahadeeth.

3-    Haafidh Ibn Adee said regarding Abu Muqaatil that: “And he is not one of those whose narrations are trusted.”
[Al-Kaamil: Vol. 2 Pg 801]

4-    Haafidh Ibn Hibbaan said: “He was a man of righteousness, and a worshipper, but he used to bring Munkar things (narrations), regarding whom the writers of hadeeth know that they have no bases.”
[Kitaab al-Majroheen: Vol 1 Pg 256]

5-    Abu Ishaaq al-Juzjaani said that I have been told that he used to make up (his own) chain for a good Kalaam.
[Ahwaal ur-Rijaal: Pg 203]

6-    The author of Al-Mustadrak, Haakim al-Nisaaboori said: “Abu Muqaatil has narrated fabricated ahadeeth from Ubaydullah bin Umar, Ayyoob as-Sakhtiyaani, and Mis’ar etc…”
[Al-Madkhal Ila as-Saheeh: Pg 130-131]

7-    The Author of Hilyat al-Awliyaa, Abu Nu’aym al-Asbahaani, said: “He has narrated Munkar narrations from Ayyoob as-Sakhtiyaani, Ubaydullah bin Umar, and Mis’ar….”
[Kitaab ad-Du’afa: Pg 75 # 52]

8-    Haafidh Dhahabi said: “He is Waah (Weak)”
[Deewaan ad-Du’afa: 1/214 T. 1050]

He further said: “He is weak altogether”
[Al-Mughni fi Ad-Du’afa: 1/274 T. 1614]

9-    Imaam Daaraqutni has declared him weak.
[See: Lisaan al-Mizaan: 6/10, with reference to Gharaaib Maalik]

10-          Haafidh Ibn Hajar said: Abu Sa’eed al-Naqaash said: “He (Abu Muqaatil) has narrated fabricated narrations from Mis’ar, Ayyoob, and Ubaydullah bin Umar.”
[Lisaan al-Mizaan: 2/323]

11-          Abul Fadl as-Sulemaan said: “He was one of the fabricators of hadeeth”
[Mizaan al-I’tidaal: 1/558]

12-          Haafidh Ibn al-Jawzee mentioned him in Kitaab ad-Du’afa wal Matrokeen (Vol. 1 Pg 221 T. 932]

13-          Burhaan ud-Deen al-Halabi mentioned him in Al-Kashf al-Hatheeth Amman Rami Bi Wada’ al-Hadeeth (Pg 153 T. 249) meaning among those narrators regarding whom Muhadditheen have said that they used to fabricate ahadeeth.

14-          Abu al-Abbaas Ahmed bin Ali al-Maqrayzi narrated the criticisms of Juzjaani and Ibn Adee regarding Abu Muqaatil and did not defend him.
[See: Mukhtasar al-Kaamil fi ad-Du’afa wal Illal al-Hadeeth: Pg 227 # 515]

15-          Ibn Rajab declared one of the ahadeeth of Abu Muqaatil to be Fabricated and said: “Muttaham bil Kidhb (He is accused of Lying)”
[Sharh Illal al-Hadeeth: Vol. 1 Pg 238]

Contrary to these Jamhoor Muhadditheen, Haafidh Al-Khaleeli said: “He was famous for his Truthfulness and Knowledge, his narration is included in the Saheeh (Ghayr Mukhraj fi as-Saheeh)… And he had a (high) status in Knowledge and Fiqh…”
[Al-Irshaad: Vol. 2 Pg 975 T. 904]

This tawtheeq is rejected due to two reasons:

·        This is against the Jarh of Jamhoor.
·        It can possibly mean that he was not a Kadh-dhaab fi Nafsih, but was certainly Da’eef due to being Ghayr Mukhraj in the Saheeh narration. Like this, all the saying can be reconciled.

Death: Abu Muqaatil died in 208 H. See: Taareekh al-Islaam by Adh-Dhahabi (14/115)

Note: I have left out the unproven and chain-less sayings regarding Abu Muqaatil.


Abu Muqaatil as-Samarqandi is a Da’eef, Accused of Lying, and severely criticized narrator. See: Noor ul-Aynain (Pg 37)

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