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Mawfaq bin Ahmed, Abu al-Mu’weed, al-Makki al-Khawaarzimi

ابوالمؤید مؤفق بن احمد المکی الخوازمی

Abu al-Mu’weed Mawfaq bin Ahmed al-Makki al-Khawaarzimi

Death: 568 H

Status: Misguided Mu’tazali, Raafidi, Unreliable

Opinions of Ahl ul-Jarh wat Ta’deel:

The person responsible for spreading fabricated narrations in the Manaaqib (Virtues) of Aimmah Ahnaaf on a large scale is the famous Mu’tazali, Mawfaq bin Ahmed al-Makki. The testimony of Mawfaq being a Mu’tazali is given by Kardari al-Hanafi in the following words:

1-    Hanafi Imaam al-Kardari said: “Al-Khawaarzimi is a Mu’tazali; he held the view of preferring Ali over all the Sahaabah”

[Al-Manaaqib lil Kardari, Published with Manaaqib al-Imaam Abu Haneefah lil Makki: 1/88]

2-    Shaykh ul-Islaam, Imaam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “Verily he is the one from whom people narrate for Fabrications, and he is not from the people of knowledge in Hadeeth, nor in Maghaazi”
[Minhaaj us-Sunnah al-Nabawiyyah: 7/355]

3-    Moreover, Imaam Dhahabi said: “And it is said that this Akhtab Khawaarzim has a book on this issue which is filled with fabrications that are unutterable and this narration, by Allaah, is one of them”
[Al-Muntaqa min Minhaaj al-I’tidaal: 1/312]

Furthermore, Imaam Dhahabi said in another book of his, that: “He has a book in the virtues of Ali, I have seen it and it is filled with a lot of useless (Da’eef Jiddan and Fabricated) narrations”
[Taareekh al-Islaam: 39/327]

On the contrary to these sayings, no one has ever done the Tawtheeq of Mawfaq; therefore, the complete book of this fabricator named “Manaaqib al-Imaam Abi Haneefah lil Makki” is Mardood and unreliable.

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